Holidays in Bichura

03 Мар, 2017 03:29

Dear friends!

There is one amazing place in Siberia. It's our village, Bichura. You can find a lot of interesting facts about it. Welcome to Bichura!

03 Мар, 2017 06:51

Тамара Владимировна, переведите для тех, кто учил другой иностранный язык.


05 Мар, 2017 15:16

Друзья, эта тема специально для иностранных гостей сайта, не владеющих русским языком. Постепенно на сайте наберется информация на английском языке, необходимая для создания общего представления о Бичуре. Владеющих инстранным просим присоединиться к  общению в данной теме.

Всем привет!

08 Мар, 2017 07:43
Сообщение отредактировано 09 Мар, 2017 09:52


On a trip to Bichura you can immerse yourself in a  rich culture of old-believers or Semeyskie. Besides it's a paradise for those who value the wildlife and enjoy unforgettable nature in different parts of the world. Our countryside is rich in breath-taking landscapes, fresh air and clean water of the forests' streams.

 If you're food hunting, there are lots of dishes of Semeyskie such as pies with bird cherries, shchi, pancakes with fat and so on.

You can go to the taiga and feel yourself as happy as you can't be in any place.

If you're interested in this perfect place, read our further stories.... and Welcome to Bichura!


Zaitseva T

12 Мар, 2017 14:43

My friend Tom Jefferson from Phoenix, Arizona (USA) ask me: 

Please tell me what tourist routes are in the Bichura district. Where can I stay for the night? Who can help me with the transfer? Thanks.

Добро пожаловать на сайт Бичуры!

14 Мар, 2017 14:15

Hi, Artem!

It depends on the time of his visiting. We can offer Tom a short trip around our countriside. I think, I can help him and be a host during his visiting.

23 Мар, 2017 03:04

Ok! Thanks from Tom! He is traveling in Tibet now. Next year he is going to Russia, to Baikal and maybe Bichura.

Добро пожаловать на сайт Бичуры!

30 Мар, 2017 15:01

Great! I'll be glad to say hello and meet him in Bichura.

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